Changing the Background Theme of KNIME Server Pages/Menus


I want to change the look and feel of KNIME startup/Quickform pages, menus etc.

Are there any guidelines that show what features can be modified with respect to look and feel on KNIME server. (custom CSS/HTML etc.)

Any links to videos.blogs, similar issues are appreciated.
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Thanks !

Mohammed Ayub

I could see some templates in the config folder of my server installation ...KNIME Server 4.7\workflow_repository\config as

Is this where I can make some changes for Menus and individual quick form pages. ?

Thanks !

Mohammed Ayub

Hi Mohammed,

That’s the right place to look. Renaming the directory to webportalTemplate and restarting the server will apply the changes. I’d recommend applying the goldMining template to get an idea of what is possible, and probably deriving your changes from the default template (which is just applying the same template as you have currently).

Full details of the available options are part of the admin guide (see page 29 onwards):



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Great Thanks @jonfuller Will get in touch if any issues.

  • Mohammed Ayub

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