changing the info on a singular cell

hello i have a bit of a weird one in my hands and i dont know where exactly to start with

basically on the “Historico” there is this cell with “Baixa Parcial” so i want to change the name to the same as the one as the one above after at the end of the workflow then i want to change it back to what it was, changing it back should not be that hard all i will need is a rule node that will look if the number in the “VALORE” is smaller than 0 if yes change to “Baixa Parcial” but the first change is the one who is stumping me

Hi @Bleck , I’m not sure I understand what the request is. What is the request and what is the challenge?

FYI, there is no “VALORE” column in your screenshot. There is a “VALOR” column. Also, please be mindful that Knime treats data as case sensitive, and again, in the screenshot, I see “BAIXA PARCIAL”, no “Baixa Parcial”.

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If I understand correctly, then you can use the “lag column” node to create a new column that drops the above value on the same row as your “Baixa Parcial” value (CLIENTE). That way you can easily reference the above value with the column expressions node. (Or string, or rule formula node)

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sorry for that, it was mostly me mistyping but what i want is to Change the “BAIXA PARICIAL” to be identical as the cell above, since i need to group a bunch of info according to the names in “CLIENTE”

Then in the end i want to change it back according, im thinking of using the “VALOR” column since any that are less than 0 will be “BAIXA PARICIAL”

Hi @Bleck , no problem, it happens to all of us :slight_smile: Just keep in mind that the more accurate you are in your information, the more accurate the solution will be, and it also avoids delays in asking for clarifications :slight_smile:

That being said, if I understand correctly, you want to change “BAIXA PARICIAL” to be identical as the cell above, do some operation, and change back to “BAIXA PARICIAL” by relying on column “VALOR” being less than 0, correct?

If that’s correct, something like this would do:

Input data:

Changing “BAIXA PARCIAL” to value from previous row (before Other operations):

Restoring “BAIXA PARCIAL” (after Other operations):

Here’s the demo workflow: Changing the info on a singular cell.knwf (14.4 KB)


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