Changing the location of the KNIME Buffer in Windows

I currently use KNIME on a Remote Desktop that has run out of room on the C Drive where I have KNIME installed. Because of this, I am unable to import the data files that I would like to use because there isn’t enough space on the disk for the buffer to work. The error that I will receive is this:

ERROR CSV Reader 0:1 Execute failed: Error while writing to buffer, failed to write to file “knime_container_20180604_1179849458790333520.bin.gz”: There is not enough space on the disk

However, there is also a data drive that has more than enough space available. Is there a way that I can change the location of this buffer file without reinstalling KNIME on this data drive?

Before coming here, I have cleared out as much unnecessary information as possible through the disk cleanup option and I don’t have the authority to delete something else to make space, but I’m open to other suggestions.

Hi @kkar,

sure there is a way. From the menu select File > Preferences > KNIME and change the path in the “Directory for temporary files” field, so that it points to your preferred location.


Perfect, thank you for the help.

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