Characters in Knime

Hi everyone. How I can enter a new character in the data? For example, I have this number: 12345678901, but I need that showing with this format: 12-34567890-1.
How I can do this configuration in Knime?
I try to use the String Manipulation node but is not clear to me how to create the formula.
Thanks for your comments and recommendations.

Hi @Rebe1441 welcome to KNIME forum

See this workflow KNIME_project.knwf (35.9 KB) it has 3 solutions. A step by step using String Manipulation node. An other combining all those steps into 1 node. And a third solution that only can be used when your inputs are all of the same length.

gr. Hans


Hi @HansS thanks a lot, for your prompt response and the support with workflow options.


A second way would be regex


Hi Daniel_Weikert thanks for your recommendation is a very interesting and useful node.Thanks!!

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