Charts - basic questions

 I would like to use some charts, but did not get over some basic topics.
 Here I could not solve some questions:
 Histogramm node:
 My data domain contains values from 0 to 5.
 But not all data sets contain all values.
 I would like to see the missing values as well in the Histogram shown with value = 0.
 Line Plot I:
 I would like to show for a time series (e.g. quarterly) how the average develops.
 For this I use a Line Plot. I would like to define the x-axis with from 0 to 5, but it shows automatically only the axis from minimum to maximum value (e.g. 4,5 - 5)
 Line Plot II:
 I would like to shown in one Line Plot two lines: Line 1 my values from 0 - 5. Line 2 should show in a different domain the row count for each value.
 Since it is mapped to one y-axis and the domains are quite differrnet (0-5 for Line 1) (100-500 for Line 2).

Thanks for any ideas


Hi Bernd,

 Histogramm node:

Replace the Missing with the Missing Value node with 0 and then use this data for the histrogram node.

Line Plot:

This is not possible with the Line Chart and the JfreeChart Line Chart. However it can be resolved using R or our Generic Java Script View.

Cheers, Iris

Hello Iris,


thanks for this. I will give it a try!


Have a good day