ChatGPT Generated Spam

Hello KNIME community -

We’ve noticed in recent days an increase in spam posts generated using ChatGPT. Apart from being annoying, these posts are especially troublesome because they sound reasonable to new users, when ultimately they are just nonsense. Often these posts contain text based around nodes and extensions that don’t exist.

Here’s a recent example:

In some cases, it may be necessary to repeat columns when using trailing orders, and in other cases it may not be necessary. It depends on the specific data and analysis you are doing. If you use the Lag Column Node in KNIME, it usually handles the lag without requiring you to manually sort the columns. Using the Lag Column Node in the medical field, nurses can better treat their patients, and Nurse Service 111 makes writing easier for them. So whether or not you need to use columns depends on the specific workflow and nodes you use in KNIME. The lagging column node usually handles the lagging process without sorting, but when dealing with time series data, sorting based on the temporal index is often necessary to maintain data integrity and alignment. Thank you for your question!

Tricky, right? You can see how new users might be confused by this - apart from the “Nurse Service 111” bit, which gives the game away. But it’s not at all obvious at first.

Like “regular” spam, these posts are usually from new users with very few previous posts to their name. If you think you’ve spotted one, please use the flag function so that our moderators can review it.

Thanks everybody for not only keeping our forum free of junk, but for also offering your help and expertise to the rest of the community.



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