check for new file in directory

Is it possible to check if there is a file in a specific directory and if so run the workflow. And if there is a new file in the directory the workflow runs again.

There was a debate about a similar task and I built a workflow to suggest how this could work. For more advanced scenarios you might want to check out the KNIME server.

Hi mlauber71,

thanks for this link. To be honest it isn’t completely clear for me how to do it.
I will give it a try and will let you know later on if I succeeded

Maybe other ideas in the thread can help. Like this component:

In the end such a thing could be a task for the KNIME server.

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Hello @RonG ,

maybe you are looking for such like this

I created a workflow where I list files on a network drive and compare this list with a table I write at the end of my workflow. After checking if files have to be renamed an copy to another network drive the “sub workflow” will be only executed when it receives a table with data.
At the end of the workflow I concatenate the new file information with the old one and write this information to a table with the Table Writer Node.


I hope this helps you to get an idea for your problem.

Greetings, Brotfahrer

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Use the wait node and let the trigger be the new file

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