Check out my new neo4j component on KNIME Hub!

Hey all,

I created a small component for myself for posting and committing Cypher transactions to a local neo4j database instance, and now you can use it as well! For anyone unfamiliar, neo4j is a graph database platform and Cypher is the SQL-esque language for interacting with it.

This node allows you to pick a JSON column as input which contains one or more Cypher statement(s) to execute. It asks for the localhost port, the database name, and your neo4j user credentials. It will then attempt to post and commit the transaction. I recommend concatenating all of your statements that you intend to execute at once into one row of JSON… I haven’t tested multiple rows of input (should work so long as all transactions are submitted and committed within 60 seconds but the output might be jacked up and cause errors… let me know if you’d like to see a fix or made one yourself).

With this I’ve managed to read data in from a transactional database and post it to my neo4j instance, create indexes, create relationships, delete stuff, and so on. Very useful in my opinion.

Post and Commit neo4j Transaction


Also, for the record, this is a proof of concept. Created in ~60 minutes and tested for ~30 minutes. Was just too excited about it not to share with the community. I’ll probably edit it as my own needs advance.


Hey @sjporter -

Thanks for posting this! Do you want me to move the topic to the regular AP forum so more people will see it? Since so many topics get auto-generated here in the Hub forum, sometimes they get buried…

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Sure, that works for me.

Hello @sjporter you might be interested in our Neo4j extension for Knime. It was released along with Knime 4.2.


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