Check which file has been read for multiple nodes


I have a set of nodes that pull up the latest file in a folder (I have about 10 nodes in total pulling the latest file from 10 separate folders). This is currently controlled with a flow variable and works well. However, sometimes I need to turn off the path variable control in the nodes to manually go and select a specific file.

I have to run this workflow daily so to make sure I haven’t forgotten to turn the flow variable control for each nodes file path selection back on I go and click into each nodes and check that the file path selected is what I want.

Is there a node that I could connect multiple nodes to and be able to see in one table all of the file paths that the different nodes have selected?

Any help greatly appreciated!

You can just include the file path as a table column using an advanced setting in the reader node. That way it stays present in the table, or you can use the column splitter and do some ETL to create a combined organized list. I find that easier than starting with the flow variables, as it is more easily visible in the node monitor at any point along the workflow.

  • If the “Append file path column” is checked, the node will append a path column with the provided name to the output table. This column contains for each row which file it was read from. The node will fail if adding the column with the provided name causes a name collision with any of the columns in the read table.

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