Checking for a caracter

Hello everyone,

I need your help for data integration issue.

I’am working with an excel file and I noticed that when I imported datas, I had a format problem, especially with the seperator of thousand in excel, which turns into comma in Knime. So I need, to identify the values that contains a comma. But I don’t know how to search for each cells if the value had a comma.

I don’t want to replace immediatly the comma, I prefer to filter my values to identify which had a comma.

I don’t know if it’s clear, so don’t hesitate to ask a clarification.

Thank a lot.

Hi there @Stephane73,

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as you have experienced comma is a thousand separator in KNIME. I would say to identify/filter each value that has comma means identifying values higher than 999. So use Row Filter node with 1000 as a lower bound :wink:


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