ChEMBL node connects to old API?

I have recently tried to update older workflows with the ChEMBLdb Connector Input node. However, I don’t get any new data by rerunning them. For example, the number of bioactivities for target CHEMBL231 is 4582, while the current ChEMBL API returns 4705 data points. ChEMBL had a new API version in 2017. Could this be a problem? Can we expect an update sometime?

Hi Marton, you are correct, the ChEMBLdb Connector references an older version of ChEMBLdb. It’s part of the community contributions, so it would be best to follow up with the developers directly about the update.
In the meantime, you can use the latest API of ChEMBL via GET Request interface. Here is a workflow from the EXAMPLES Server to help you get started
and a blogpost describing it

Hope it helps.

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Thank you Daria for the quick response!
I already replaced the ChEMBL nodes with a local downloaded ChEMBL SQLite db query, just wanted to know if there are any efforts underway to correct this. I will ask ChEMBL about it!

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