ChEMBLdb Connector Error

I am having an issue with the ChEMBL node and I was wondering if there was a way to fix it. Both nodes, ChEMBLdb Connector and ChEMBLdb Connector Input, were working correctly about a month ago but now I keep receiving errors.
When I run the ChEMBLdb Connector node it produces an empty table and the ChEMBLdb Connector Input node returns an error of The XML URL may be invalid: InputStream cannot be null.
Any suggestions?
Thank you!

Me too. Thought it might be older/conflicting installs & updates, just did a clean 3.6 install on linux, same problem. Older thread (2015 /2017) points to network/proxy preference issues - but these seem to be OK on both my windows & linux install. I can run the example workflows from the server which use RESTful connector nodes e.g. 01_ChEMBL_Rest_Services workflow. Anybody else having this issue?

This thread refers to the same problem. The nodes point to the old webservice API which has now been turned off (see and


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This has been really helpful.
Thank you so much,