ChEMBLdb Connector node issue


I create a new workflow, drag the ChEMBLdb Connector node onto the the canvas, run it with default setting, and get the following error:

WARN ChEMBLdb Connector 2:1 The XML URL may be invalid: null
ERROR ChEMBLdb Connector 2:1 Execute failed: Cannot get table: container is not closed.

I also have problems is older workflows where I use this node, it doesn’t seem to run properly any more. has ChEMBLdb changed their REST URLs? Or do I need to set a central preference?

This is on Windows 7, Knime version 3.6.2


Hi Evert,

There have been several other threads with the same outcome (e.g. ChEMBLdb Connector Error and ChEMBL node connects to old API?). The short version is that the node no longer works, and you will have to use the REST nodes with the appropriate URL(s) from