Choose a specific row as header

Dear all,

I met a challenge that choose a certain row as the head of the table.
I know that the “Extract Column Header” & “Insert Column Header” will be applied in this situation, however I try many times, still can not figure out.

so I will appreciate the help to show me the way . it would be better to attached the workflow.

Annotation 2020-06-10 224007

this is the table I read, and I plan to use row 0, (A,B,C,D) as the header of the table.

Highly appreciate your supporting !

Here is your solution, mister. The extractor and inserter nodes aren’t the most intuitive. I hope my example helps you!

column_header.knwf (15.9 KB)


Hi Scapuzzi,

Thank you so much!
Your solution is very clear and solve my challenge!

Appreciate your help!



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