Choosing authentication type via variable: HOW

what are the allowed values for authentication types in MS server connector?
I want to pass this via a variable, to be flexible in a node, as I potentially connect to multiple servers, with some using native and some using credential login.

I tried integer ‘1’ & ‘0’, I tried ‘OAuth’ & ‘Credentials’, I tried strings matching the strings in the screenshot. It says:

thank you D

Hi @d00m,

The values for the options in the “selectedType” option are:

You can find this using the following trick:

Into the “Flow Variables” tab, type in a new variable name in the box to the right of selectedType. This can be any name you like:

Then execute the node, manually connecting with your chosen connection type “Credentials”.

After the node has successfully connected, inspect the output from the node, and open the “Flow Variables” tab. It will show you the value for your chosen connection type:

e.g. this is what it showed when I choose Username & password:

and this is what I get when I connect with Credentials specified:


WOW, nice trick. thank you


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