Chunk Loop Start Configuration

I don’t need to set the chunking either a fixed number of chunks or a fixed number of rows per chunk/iteration with writing a fixed number. I need to configure the node Chunk Loop Start using a number that is previously calculated and saved in a Table or eventually saved as a variable. Is there any possibility to achieve that ?

Hi @Amina , welcome to the forum.

You would want to use a Chunk Loop if you do have a chunk size or rows per size you want to use. In your case, it looks like you don’t want that, and it looks like you want to run the loop a number of times that you already calculate in a table or variable.

In this case, you want to use a Generic Loop, or Counting Loop Start, and in case of the latter, you can control the number of loops with your variable.

Here’s an example of Generic Loop:

Here’s an example of Counting Loop:


Hi @Amina,

… or you can access e.g. the “Rows per chunk” field programmatically like so:


Does this help? Cheers


Hello @bruno29a, I am new to Knime and i was searching for different Nodes that I can use to master my tasks. Now I also learned the use of a Generic Loop and Counting Loop Start. Thank you for your answer, it helped me a lot.

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Hello @LukasS thank you a lot, I can’t describe my happiness when i saw the Message" The nrRowsPerChunk parameter is controlled by a variable". I am new to KNIME and this is exactly the solution that i needed. I didn’t know how to configure it but this example made it so clear. Thank you :grin:


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