Churn Prediction data files download


I am trying to test Churn Prediction example according to page and available YouTube video manual (, but I am not able to download data. No way.

KNIME autodownload from repository is ending with errors and the original input data are also not available on this link ( The first link from KNIME pages is redirecting me to http:// promo. leovegas. com/ and from the second link I can download only one XLS file called Churn.xls, but not CallsData and Contract Data :(

Any advice? Thank you for your help.


Hi Pavel,

thank you for reporting about the broken links, we removed them. Concerning the data, both application examples (50_Applications/_18_Churn_Prediction and 50_Applications/_03_Churn_Analysis) provide the data themselves. It is enough to open them from the Example server and execute. If you like, you may download them to your local workspace as well. Both options should work without any errors. Can you provide us with more details on what errors do you get?


Hi Oleg,

thank you for your answer.  My error is now with connection to server (see the attached printscreen). But this connection was ok some short time ago. I successfuly downloaded an example with Decision Tree and also any other examples. But error with Churn Prediction was another one - regarding downloading Input files. The workflow itself was downloaded correctly.

Any advice?



Oh, yes, we discovered this problem in the morning as well. It's fixed already and the Examples server is available. Sorry for experiencing this error.

Btw, please notice that the structure of the Examples server has been updated. So if you cannot find the workflow under some link, please look into "_Old Examples (2015 and before)".

Regarding the input files for churn prediction: the original dataset is available here. If you'd like to access the data from the particular workflow, then go for configurations of a reader file. There you will find a path to the data. If it looks like this "knime://knime.workflow/data/CallsData.xls", this means you should go into your KNIME workspace folder, then into the workflow folder and then to "data/CallsData.xls". You can just click "Browse" button to see the whole folder structure in your local disk.

Hope this helps!


Dear Oleg,

now it works everything fine for me.