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I have installed Knime about a month and a half ago and was testing Churn prediction. My results were showing 3 fields ( P (Churn=0)",“P (Churn=1)”,“Prediction (Churn)”). I was trying to retrieve the model and run today and it is not showing the three fields, instead it is showing only Prediction (Churn). How can I get to show all three fields.

Hi @snair and welcome to the KNIME community forum,

To have normalized class distribution, you have to check the “Append columns with normalized class distribution” option in the predictor node.



Hi there @snair,

you saved model and tried to run it on new data? What predictor node are you using?


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Thanks for the reply! There is another check-field in PMML predictor node " append class probabilities" .
This should be checked if we want the probabilities of churn.
Issue resolved.


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