/clans Search all clans by name and/or filtering the results using various criteria. At least one filtering criteria must be defined and if name is used as part of search, it is required to be at least three characters long It is not possible to specify ordering for results so clients should not rely on any specific ordering as that may change in the future releases of the API. /clans/{clanTag} Get information about a single clan by clan tag. Clan tags can be found using clan search operation. Note that clan tags start with hash character '#' and that needs to be URL-encoded properly to work in URL, so for example clan tag '#2ABC' would become '%232ABC' in the URL. /clans/{clanTag}/members List clan members. /clans/{clanTag}/warlog Retrieve clan's clan war log /clans/{clanTag}/currentwar Retrieve information about clan's current clan war

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