Clearing memory in KNIME


I am doing a quite long calculation in KNIME and the computer gets significantly slower after doing some of these massive calculations. I would like to clear the memory after a few nodes are executed to make it easier for the machine. Is there such an option in KNIME? I am using the version 2.8.2




Well the best way is to go into knime preferences, and general (I think, from memory). And choose an option to display heap status.

you will then see memory usage at the bottom right of the knime window, along with a rubbish bin which you can click on to clear the memory.

this should stay displayed from now on when you load knime.

furthe options include changing the way the node operates which undertakes this intensive task. In the node, go to memory policy tab, and choose the option to write tables to disc. It will slow this particular node down, but hopefully will be kinder on the memory.