Clearing search of Node Repository

After entering a term in the search box for the Node Repository, how do I clear the search? I tried ESC, but this does not work. The only way I can clear is to delete the characters in the search box, but this seems clumsy.

Hi @acito , it looks like the only way is to delete the characters - most search boxes work like this. The cases where you press ESC works is when the search box is a popup or something activated for search, so ESC would close the popup or deactivate the search box.

In Knime’s case, the search is always there. If it takes too long or a pain to delete 1 character at a time, while you are in the search field, you can always do a CTRL A (which will select everything in the Search field) and then press DEL or just type what you want to search.


Thanks for the reply.

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