Click Node + Skip Iteration if Element Creates Empty Node Table

Hey y’all,

I am looking to have this workflow go through several iterations (different URLs), but want it to skip the ones where the click element in the beginning creates an empty data table, so that it does not go through all those other steps. Is there any other logic node that can work with “click”, like an if statement?

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 8.07.22 AM

Hi @brendencampana , yes there is an IF Switch node.

So, if your table is empty, you just go to the next iteration, otherwise process before going to the next iteration

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How do you configure the IF switch the go to the top if there is a table, or to the bottom if nothing is found?

I think, the “Empty Table Switch” makes more sense here. It will handle empty/non-empty table automatically:


There is also the Empty Table Switch that you can use in your case:

Something like this: