Click on columns list at "Rule Engine" somtimes not work


Click on field name at "Columns" list sometimes don't work for "Rule Engine" node: column name don't add to "Condition" editor. For reproduce:

1. Open configure dialog, at "Condition" editor there is "Enter condition..." text (don't click there!).

2. Click on any column name at "Columns" list: column name not adding to "Condition" editor.

3. Click on "Condition" editor.

4. Only click on column name differ from selected at "Column" list gets name to editor. Click on selected item don't adding column name to "Condition" editor.

Is this bug in my case only?

Thank you,



First of all, columns only get inserted in the last selected text field. If you open the dialog there is not last selected text field yet, thus when you click on a column nothing is inserted. The second issue that columns sometimes don't get added even if there has been a editor selected before, is indeed annoying and I have just fixed it for 2.6.