Close loop with multiple branches

I have a loop where I iterate over a set of similar files.

Within the loop, I create six CSV files with subsets of the input file.

Is there a way to run a loop without explicitely closing it? Currently, I use a ‘tree’ of Merge Variable nodes to collect the output from the CSV Writer nodes and ‘reduce’ it to feed it into one Variable Loop End node. It works but clutters the workflow.

Hi @mpreusse,

not closing loops won’t work, I’m afraid.

Which KNIME AP Version are you using? Since 4.2.0 (AP-13381) the Merge Variables – KNIME Hub Node has a dynamic input port, meaning you can click the three dots and add as many ports as you need (6, in your case) to avoid using ‘node trees’. Otherwise, I’d recommend to put the inside of the loop in a component/metanode to hide complexity.

Best, Lukas


Thanks @LukasS, I did not know about the dynamic input ports.


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