Cluster Algorithms and Quality Control Charts



1). I know that KNIME hasn't got Kohonen node. Are you planning to add to KNIME this node in future? Is it possible to add to Weka Cluster Algorithms in KNIME the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) packages from Weka 3.7.6?

2). Is it possible to use Quality Control Charts in KNIME? I know that I can create a chart with R view node in KNIME (with function qcc) but I'd like to make the same charts within KNIME without any additional R view node.


Thank you for answer.


regarding your first question: with the release of KNIME 2.6 we are also going to release the KNIME Weka 3.6 plugin containing the most recent stable weka version (3.6.7). But unfortunately, as you mentioned, the SOM clusterer probably only works with the weka developer version (3.7.*). Therefor we can provide you an experimental (i.e. not well tested and so far without any further support) KNIME Weka 3.7 plugin with the SOM clusterer included, if desired. I would publish this plugin as soon as 2.6 is available here in this forum thread. Hope that helps.



dear martin,

Colud you please post the weka 3.7 plugin with SOM included, and the team have any plans to introduce learner/predictor node in the mining tree?