Clustering for hotels

I have data for a hotel and I’m trying to find the best features with which to get the clustering model

columns :
1- guest id
2- arrival date to hotel
3- depart date from hotel
4- adults number in the room
5- children number in the room
6- room number
7- room status (full , not full)
8- meal type
9- reservation date
10- room category
11- price amount for each reservation
12- nationality
13 - Average length of stay
14- lead time
15- Average daily rate
16- Revenue per available room (RevPAR):
17- occupancy rate
18- rfm model segments

which one is appropriate for clustering .


There’s no way for us here to know.

There are lots of articles (from KNIME and elsewhere) on how to approach feature selection. Have you read any of them?


KNIME has a feature selection loop but I have not seen it for clusting so far only for classification/regression. You might want to have a look. Beside that it is a rather general then KNIME specific question so you might want to follow @elsamuel suggestion

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