Cohort Analysis

This workflow shows the steps involved building a cohort chart. The first step is to split contracts data into recurring values. The second step is to build a cohort chart from the recurring values. In this example, the cohort charts show the annually recurring revenue (ARR) and customer count by time and time-based cohort. Other metrics can be visulaized by reconfiguring the shared components.

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i have aquestion about the component “Calculate Recurring Values”

I have the following data:


I would like to build a time series with the “Calculate Recurring Values” component.
Unfortunately i am not able to select the column “gültig_bis_1” as the “end column”

Could someone help me?

Best regards,

I found a solution…
I need a “Date&Time” Column instead of a “Date” Column.


Welcome to the forum - and glad you were able to find a solution!