Collect all roows of a table in one column [no aggregation]

Hey everyone,

here's a rather simple, defined problem, however I didn't manage to find a solution to it (yet). Hope this is subject to change...

How do I collect all columns of a table in one row?
To be more precise, I'd like to gather all rows of the other columns in one column e.g. by moving them “underneath “each other. Lets say I have A-E columns with 100 rows each. Then I’d Like to end up with A and 500 rows (containing the data from B-E).

Right now I’m using a cascade of joining and column-merger nodes (see here below), however this approach does not allow a simple addition of several rows without having to manually edit the workflow again. So:
How do I collect all columns of a table in one row?

In my case I‘m building some kind of a wordbook with different permutations of an initial list of terms. Currently I’m building these permutations by adding columns per initial set of terms. In the final step I’d like to collect all permutations, do a little clean up and sorting and finally generate a “one term per line” list as it could be an input e.g. for other nodes.

Hi Tim, 

I think you are looking for the "Unpivot" node.  You can choose which columns to unpivot, and will get new columns for the column name and column value.  

Yes I do, as I know now.  The node even includes some RegEx Col-filtering, nice :)

Thanks for the quick reply, Aaron!