Collect multiple QuickForms nodes outputs as flow variables


My goal is to use the quick forms to get some informations from the user, that are then turned into flow variables that I can use in my python scripts.

The problem is that the python node has only one input flow variable, I guess I have to merge the outputs from the quickforms nodes somehow but I did not find a straight forward way (maybe some kind of table ?)

The variable merge node only allows 3 different variables to be merged for instance and the wrapped node output (that contains the quick forms) only 2.

Thanks for your help !


Well, if you can merge two, you can merge any. ;) Just chain them together:

Ok thanks that's good to know, I finally wrote a user interface in python cause I have quite a lot of variables to merge, then I just put them in a table as output of the script.

I actually found a better solution in the end : Just link the quickforms next to each others with the flow variable ports (see screenshot). The variables are automatically appended.


Hi Jindil,

chaining Quickforms is not suggested. It works only under certains circumstances.

Using the Merge Variables is the best way to do.

Best regards, Iris