Collection Column -> distance matrix?

How do I convert a Collection Column into a Distance Matrix Columns?

I have a python script generate a custom distance measure table which I then convert into a collection column. However, the k-medoids node does not recognise this as a distance matrix :-(



Hi Steve,

I know it is possible but I never tried it myself. You can write the data to disk and read it back in using the Distance Reader node. 

Let me know if this works for you!

Cheers, Iris 

Yes, saving to a temp file and re-reading as a distance matrix works.

However, I ended up just implement the k-mediods in a Python script node along with the custom distance function.



Hi all. I am wondering if since 2016 there is now an improved way of making custom distance matrixes using python. Perhaps there is a way to convert/cast a numpy matrix or pandas table to a format that knime can recognize? Would love to avoid having to round-trip to a file. Cheers!