Collection Columns


what would it take to make the statistic/math tools applicable to collections columns instead of sets of columns?

I am now starting to work with a large number of columns (a few thousand) and am experiencing some delays that I believe could be avoided when using collection columns... And since it doesn't really make sense to me to have more than a few dozend columns as more cannot be easily handled...

Maybe you could make this optionally available to every node that works with sets of columns (e.g. derived from the column selector)...

Thanks a lot for considering this...



This would be a very nice feature.

So take a set of columns and make a Collection Column, then use the Maths node on this Collection Column, and then separate it back again into its original columns with the Split Collection Column node. This could help some of my workflows by reducing the incredible number of consecutive Maths nodes I have.

Alternative solution would be to allow a variable to be expressed in the Maths Formula Expression box along with other Maths formula terms. Then you could loop over the variable where the variable represents the column name.

Both require some implementation by the KNIME team!! I quite like the Collection Column idea, thats really nice and simple for the user.