Collection Type Cells: Feature Request

Once a "Collection Cell" Type column has been created, is it possible to have some new nodes with added functionality to take advantage of this such as being able to:

- Return the most common value,

- Count the number of values,

- Count the number of unique values,

- Return all the possible values along with the number of occurrances,

- If they are collections of numbers, then find the mean, median, mode, sum,  etc.

- Find values which are present in both collection cells (so two collection cell columns required here). Basically doing an intersection.

It is effectively taking advantage of the aggregation features of the GroupBy node, but instead of doing it by Row, it is effectively doing by Column (from the ones which were collected together in the Collection Cell Type). This to me is a missing feature in KNIME and there has been a number of questions asked in the forum (i.e. from Stud, Vasanthanathan, Greg) which are tricky to do but would be quite simple if this functionality were added.

Can it be implemented please.


I agree, I'd like this feature as well.  Having to split a collection then use the group by node to calculate the statistics is rather inefficient.


that is a great idea. I will have a look into that.



I look forward to it in the next release if it happens :-)