Collection Values will not join with joiner node

Hello Everyone,
I do not know if I am just running into a bug or if it is me. I have been using this same program for a few months now and today it would not join the collection columns for seemingly no reason.

I am joining on date and the collection in a left outer join. Below are excerpts from the 2 different tables. Below that is the output table after a left outer join.

THoughts, ideas, suggestions? I just have literally no idea why these columns will no longer join after previously working and very clearly having overlapping data.

Few other notes:
They are both the same type of variable. One is not a list collection while another is a collection value.

The other styles of join do not make it work.

Creating a new node does not work.

I am just so frustrated this is happening and there doesn’t really seem to be a cause…

Hi there @mpfeifer14,

you say it worked before? Have you done something in between? Is it possible to share workflow example? Dummy data is just fine…


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