Color an Excel Table


Very little time I use the web server.

My problem is that I have to send information to some people in Excel. But before that I want to color the table head.

How do I do that?


You could use Python to do that. Or you could reference the data in excel from a separate sheet while the formatted one stays the same

Python Excel manipulation

Python Excel Drop Down


Thank for the information!

There is also a perhaps more out “of the box” solution; install the erlwood extensions (part of the community contributions of knime). They offer a “coloured xls writer node”.




Hi @razvancomanici, you could also try the BIRT Report. Just connect the table you want to write to Excel to a Data to Report node and click the Report button ( Then you drag and drop the data set from the Data set view to the layout window and color the header. Finally you click Run -> View Report -> As XLSX and you’re done. Nice add on: Even zebra-styled tables are possible. Therefore you click on the table in the Layout window, click the button with the orange lines on it, click on the “Highlights” tab on the bottom and add the condition “row.__rownum%2 Equal to 0”. Then you can choose a different background color for every second row.