Color Cells


after pivoting a Input-Table I got a table with two rows and 360 colums like this:

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 ... Day 360
Car 1 0 1 0   1
Car 2 1 0 0   0


And now I want colour the cells with the "1", but with the Colour Manager it isn't possible, because every day in the columns are separte.

Is there a possibilty to colour the cells, such like the formatting in Excel?

Thanks for your helf!


Hello knime_007,

where do you want to see these colors? In the table view it is not possible.
The color system in the Analytics Platform is row-based, as this is where color makes the most sense.

But maybe there is a node in one of the community plugins, that allows you to have a look at your table with some formatting.


I want see the colors in the export, for example as Excel-Data.

In my input data, the days are in the rows, but after pivoting they are in the columns. Can I first color the cells, when the days are in the rows, and then pivoting the data without losing the colors of the cells?

Hello knime_007,

Please have a look at the XLS Coloured Writer from the Community Plugin Erlwood Nodes.

It should do exactly what you want.