Color Coding on Report


I am working on a project with my team where we are creating reports using data we have a collected from different cannabinoids in hemp. We are having trouble figuring out how to color just the rows that have data inputted into them on the report. Any guidance would be very appreciated :slight_smile: Thank you!


Can you share data (real or fake) and a workflow to see where the trouble is?

Have you seen examples of Color Manager? For instance: Bivariate Visual Exploration with a Scatter Plot – KNIME Hub

Hi Victor! Yes here is the data and the workflow.

OttoxCherry001.xlsx (13.1 KB)

I tried using the color manager node, but it does not show up on the report.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

So sorry-- I posted the wrong link to the workflow.

Hi, I think I found a workflow that addresses color in a birt report:

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