Color Manager and Bar Chart

I am trying to make a Bar chart with output (expected to have colors to the bars) as

where the Error bar will be Red and Warning will be yellow where the Color Manager is configured as
image where the input data to both color manager and bar chart is
But the coloring of the chart is not happening as expected, can someone guide me here - thanks.

Hello @gokul_malaa

Maybe this example can be suitable to dive into color settings for a bar chart.



The Bar Chart node isn’t compatible with the output of the Color Manager node. You’ll need to do some extra manipulation.

Check this post: Color manager doesn't work for bar chart - #4 by elsamuel


thanks for the tip, did some extra manipulation to make it work.

the Assign Color to Numerical Values in Bar Chart – KNIME Hub helped and the extra manipulation made this work - thanks.

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