Color Manager GUI bug

I noticed a strange thing happening in the Color Manager node GUI.
When colors are assigned to categories and then one selects another category without changing actually the color (only the selectino is there), then when you press OK, the color of the selected changes to the previous color (visible for just a part a second before the window closes).
E.g. Iris data set: the species of setosa, versicolor and virginica are red, green, blue. Change the setosa to yellow, just select the versicolor (no color change) and press ok. Then not only setosa is yellow, but also versicolor.
I assume this is a bug, and I reported it in another threat already Joiner Node - Unexpected GUI behaviour.Took me a while to reproduce it, but now I found out what was happening…


Hi @stoeter,
I could reproduce the issue and agree that his is a bug. I will create a ticket in our bug tracker. Thanks for taking the time to report it!
Kind regards

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