Colour coded cells - Request


I know I've asked a number of times over the years, without success so far!!! But will there, can there be, ever, some possibility of having colour coded cells determined by each individual column.

The current situation is only colour coding the RowID by the property of a column, but it would be very useful if the cells can be colour coded by the properties of each individual column. This would allow a terrific visual experience for the KNIME user without having to resort to spending considerable effort on a BIRT Reporting Colour Coded Table, or exporting out to some other application, i.e. excel to do this.

Why can there not be a node which allows colour properties to be set for each individual column and these values are then stored along with the column type and column min and max range etc. Then when an KNIME Interactive Table Viewer is launched, the colour coding set by the user is displayed.

It will allow spontaneous colour coding with terrific visual impact and the facility for users to use KNIME interactively in meetings or simply copy and pasting these colour coded tables into Powerpoint Presentations.

I eagerly await your response.


Hi Simon, 

I just discovered a node today that you might find useful in this regard.  Apparently the network mining guys slipped it in quietly.  I don't think it even made the release notes!

Look at: Visualization Property Extractor.  It creates a "color column" which is independent of of the normal color property.  I imagine in a column list loop and your hearty KNIME skills you could cook something nice up. 

Attached is an example of a resulting table. 





Hmmmm, I’m not letting you off that easy.
A number of problems.

  1. I want this to be easy to use for the average knime user, so looping is out of the question.
  2. You can only specify colour gradient range with colour manager, there is no option for hard cut offs, I.e. Less than 5 is red, 5 to 10 is yellow, over 10 is green etc.
  3. The resultant coloured cells cannot have the data contents within the cell making it unusable. I want the data to still be in the cells but with a coloured background of the users choosing, preferably set earlier in the workflow, I.e a much improved colour manager which allows colouring to be set PER COLUMN, instead of just one column, and then a visualiser which picks these stored colour properties up and visualises it.
    Any chance for knime 2.9?


1). You don't have to loop, you can just string them together as needed :)

2) This would be nice, yes, but you can always use the rule engine node to define the conditions for the colors.  It would be hard to provide as many options in the better color nodes.

3) This would be very nice!

We are already past feature freeze for 2.9, so no chance there, but I will see what I can do about getting it into the pipeline.


I fully agree with what Simon is asking here. That feature would be extremely useful.

Has this request evolved since KNIME 2.9? Any update on this?

Thanks in advance,


Seconded! :)