Column Expression node user error ?

I am using the Column Expression to change a cell depending on the value of a different cell.
Repalce Column = yes Output Column = Siglum

if (column(“Accounting Element”) == ‘1111’) ‘ABCD’
else column(“Siglum”);

This works fine, however if i add a second expression with the same expectations
if (column(“Accounting Element”) == ‘2222’) ‘ABCD’
else column(“Siglum”); Knime creates a new Column ‘Siglum (#1)’

I am sure this is just simple user error but if anyone can point me at where i am going wrong that would be appreciated


Hi @mgirdwood

If I read it correctly, this should work:

if (column("Accounting Element").equals("1111") || column("Accounting Element").equals("2222")) {
} else {

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Thanks Arjen, I will have to look at the syntax build up as I thought i tried using OR :slight_smile:

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