Column Filter with PMML as input.


Is it possible to create a column filter node with PMML as input.

The function of this node is to filter the learner columns of PMML for some other calculations during predcition.




Since KNIME 2.8, we have a Column Filter that has a PMML-in- and -out-port, available in the category Data Manipulation > PMML, among many other PMML-supporting pre-processing nodes.

Thanks Gabriel.

I wanted the Columns available in PMML as the left hand side of column filter.

Did this using the port object.

Sorry, I don't understand your question?... Please help.

Hi Gabriel,

Just picture a predictor node  with 2 inputs,PMML and data table.

The node has a column filter in the configuration and all the learner columns of the PMML automatically included in the exclude list of the filter.The columns of the data table are not show in the filter they are only used during node execution.


You can always implement your own node, I would recommend downloading the KNIME SDK and create a new node plug-in. Check out the code for the DataColumnSpecFilterPMMLNodeModel class and all other classes within this package. I guess this gives a good starting point for your own implementation, since it uses also the column filter panel internally and shows how to consume and produce a PMML "model" for filtering.