Column Filter

Hello everyone,

My current issue is about the Column Filter Node. I cannot execute this node because of the warning ‘‘The ‘‘0’’ parameter is controlled by a variable.’’ - I wasn’t able to solve this problem so I thought maybe someone could help me with this issue.
Thank you all.

Edit: There is also a warning which says ''Errors overwriting node settings with flow variables: Unknown varible ‘‘ColumnName’’ ‘’

If possible, please publish your workflow we ca see details.

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to publish the workflow but thank you for trying to help.

Hi @Jutta1971 -

It sounds like maybe your flow variables settings are being carried over somehow - possibly because you cut-and-pasted a Column Filter from elsewhere in your workflow?

I’d try opening up the flow variables tab of the Column Filter node and setting all of the dropdowns to be blank. But without a screenshot or workflow upload we are mostly guessing at the problem. :slight_smile:


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