Column List Loop Start with rule engine

Dear all,

I have the following table

I want to add a new column where I write the content of the first preceding column which is not empty.
I tried column list loop start with a rule engine but cannot get it working.
NOT MISSING $newcolumn$ => $newcolumn$

my column title is not dynamic and therefore I get a “column not existing” in the second iteration.
when I use Flow Variable “currentColumnName” i get the error “MISSING needs Operator”.

Thanks for your help!

One simple ‘solution’ I employed is renaming the column at each step into a standard name like “_my_standard_column” and then do the rule/manipulation or whatever and rename it back.

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Hi @raphael_illi

How about the Column Aggregator node, with “Last” as aggregation option. Uncheck Missing Cells.
gr. Hans


Dear @HansS and @mlauber71
thanks for your quick help.
As I didnt manage to rename the flow variable “columnName” within my loop, I opted for the column aggregator.
I also realized that my empty cells were not really “Missing values”.
After I fixed this the column Aggregator with “First” did the job :white_check_mark:


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