Column Loop Collection in a file

Hi Knimers;

We need to extarct an specif column from 20 files and name each column as the file.

For that, we create a Loop that filters from a directory of 240 files

Then filter the column and rename it as the filename in echa of the loop iterations producing 20 columns

The problem is how to collect de 20 colums in one file Xls or csv

You can see the workflow in teh attached image.


Can somebody help us to solve this?


Thanks in advance

I have allready solve the problem.

The loop en node that collects results and you can for put them into a file (like xls) is "Loop End (Column Append), then you linked to XLS writer node.


Its so easy!!

Exactly, the tricky part is the column renaming and taking care that the rowids stay the same. Based on the rowids the new columns are assigned.

Cheers, Iris