Column naming bug with Cell Splitter By Position node

One of my end users reported the following to me and I’d like to report it as a bug. I was able to reproduce this issue in 3.7.0.

If a user has an input table with the following format (column header of “1”, 1 row with a value):


Then configure the “Cell Splitter By Position” node as follows:
Split indices, comma separated: “1”
New column names, comma separated: “3,4”
Column to split: “1”

It produces the following error “Specified new column name ‘1’ already exists in input table”, but that column was the selected input column and the index, not the name of any output column (they are “3” and “4”). Obviously just renaming the input column resolves the issue, but still not clear why the node is checking if the index is a column name in the input.


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Thank you for reporting this bug. I just had a look into it and seems like we are doing a wrong check during the configuration of the node. We will fix this!



That’s great, thanks for looking into it!