Column Selection QuickForm node in a webportal execution mode.

I am building a workflow that will be executed on the webportal and I am struggling with the following issue:

This workflow asks for a csv file to read (through the file upload node). Then the file is read and I would like that the user selects a column from the table which has been read (through the Column Selection QuickForm node). The problem is that the Column Selection QuickForm node has the state IDLE when there is no data loaded upfront and therefore the Column Selection QuickForm is not taken into account in a webportal execution mode.
I have tried to play with the dummy input quickform but the usage description of this node is minimal and it doesn't seem to help.

Any idea how I can handle this task ? There should be a workaround I suppose.

Thanks in advance.


Once you execute the CSV reader, KNIME will know the name of your columns and you will be able to configure the node.  When you execut ethe workflow using the quickforms, KNIME will wait to execute the quickform until it knows which columns are abailable.  Does tha thelp?



No it doesn’t help. I certainly miss something here.
My workflow is working well within the Knime client.
When I upload it on our Knime server and try to use it from the webportal, I can select the input file, the input file is correctly read, but I never get the Column selection quickform, the workflow is progressing without offering me the possibility to select a column. It’s like it was not taken into account in the workflow.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Eric, 

 I implemented the same workflow on my machine and ran it successfully on our server so something subtle must be going on.  The most common cause of this is behaviour is uploading the workflow in an executed state.  In this case, all of the quickforms will be skipped, but I guess you have checked this already?

What version of KNIME are you using?



I reset everything before the upload on the server (I have tried anyway different things at this level).
It’s working for me if I use a table reader instead of the csv reader.
In the case of the table reader, when I reset the workflow, the column selection quickform node stays at the CONFIGURED state (orange light). In the case of the CSV reader, the reset of the workflow turns the node in the IDLE state (red light).
That’s weird…
Could you share your workflow ?

I am using KNIME 2.9.4, windows version (but I have a linux one I didn’t try yet).
Regarding the Knime server, I don’t how I can get its version.

I have the same problem in that I'm trying to use a File Upload quickform into a JSON Reader but when I run in Portal, I never get the File Upload selection dialog.  It just runs and fails with.  I reset all my nodes before uploading to server too.

File Upload 5:12

No such file: "C:\Users\1036476\Desktop\myfile.json"