Column Splitter -> Empty Table Switch bug or needs improvement?

Used "Column Splitter" by Type Selection to separate number columns. When input table has no number columns, the bottom partition produces a table with no column.

Expecting that the bottom partition is an empty table, I sent it to an "Empty Table Switch".

Realized later that the "Switch" will never detect an empty table because the "Column Splitter" passes a no-column table but with the same number of rows as the source table (the node defined table emptiness based on row count).

Three questions:

1. Shouldn't "Column Splitter" pass an empty table without rows and columns if Type Selection had no 'inclusions'?

2. Or should it be that the "Empty Table Switch" consider a no-column input table as empty?

3. Or is there an existing node to detect a no-column input table (preferably with IF functionality)?


Hi Marcellus,

1. The column splitter will only split columns, hence the number of rows will always be the same.

2. the empty table switch checks on 0 rows only. The number of columns is not considered

3. You can use the extract table dimension to get the number of columns in a flow variable. Than use the java if switch to activate the first port if the number of columns flow variable is 0.

Cheers, Iris