Column with codes to a sum

Hi there,

i have a column with codes. Each code has a different values. I need to summarize each values. I tried it with cell splitter and then cell replacer with another table for the values. And then column formula for the total. But this is wasteful. Is there a easier way to do it? Maybe a script where I say: “read the cell and then give each code a value, after it summarize the values?”

I hope you understand my problem.

All the best

Hi there!

Maybe an example would be good. What is your input and what do you expect as an output :wink:


Codes in one cell: H302-H315-H319-H317-H335-H400-H410
Values: H302 = 10 ; H315 = 5 ; H319 = 5 ; H317 = 10 ; H335 = 5 ; H400 = 15 ; H410 = 12

So I would have in total: 10+5+5+10+5+15+12 = 62