Columns lookup

Dear KNIME community,

I am new to KNIME. I am trying to recode the values in 3 columns based on lookup values. Each column has a different lookup table, something like below:

Column1 Column2
Input (Lookup)  Output (Replacement) Input (Lookup)  Output (Replacement)
A 1 X Dog
B 2 Y Cat
C 3 Z Rat
Input (Lookup)  Output (Replacement)    
D 10000    
E 50000    
F 42000    

Could someone tell me how to implement this in simple steps? I tried using rule engine, cell replacer but it seems to me they can handle only one rule or lookup table at a time.




if there is a real lookup table, all you need to do is to use joiner. However, instead of recoding, this will add the information as a separate column. If recoding is your idea, then after the join, simply swap the names of the two columns and delete the initial column.

Thanks, Geo.

Do I need to include 3 Cell replacers (or rule engines) and one joiner?

Yes the cell replacer can only handle one column at a time, so you need to use 3 cell replacers. 

Thank you, Iris.

Is there a way to use Column List Loop Start -> Cell Replacer (+ Table Creator) -> Loop End (Column Append) so that for each column in the loop, the Input (Lookup) and Output (Replacement) can be made to change?


Yes. The Column List Loop Start gives you a flow-variable with which you can configure your Cell Replacer.

In case you need to other columns than those selected but based on the selection, you need a Java Edit Variable.