columns missing in column selection of scatter plot

I loaded a csv file. When I try to get some data views, some columns are always missing.

I already tried domain calculator on this columns, as well early in the hole process as well as late direct before data view. Data are filtered and missing values are removed. No result. Cannot chose these columns they are not displayed in the Column selection e.g of the scatter plot. In the table view of the filter before they are visible... but in the columns spec there are only missing values "?" in the respective row. 

Any help.



Do these columns have a lot of nominal values, if so you may need to increase the value in the "ignore columns with more nominal values than"


you may also want to look at the really good scatter plot node from the erlwood community nodes. It can do 2D and 3D views. With much more flexibility and features.



Thank you.

The erlwood scatter node is very nice, but my problem still remains. I increased the value you mentioned to 2000, but without effect. Must be a problem of my data.

I can't fix it. Tried to remove all rows with missing data, no effect always see these message in the console:

WARN      2D/3D Scatterplot     Some columns are ignored: too many/missing nominal values.

although i removed the missing values by filter



The other possibility is that some columns are designated as String, shown by an S in the column title. If this is the case then convert it to Double or Integer with the string to number node.

does this help


Thanks for your help. Inspired by your comments I reworked my model and now I get some success.Concentrating on interger and double values I now also can illustrate the relation with the string values.

Thanks Peter